Dear ladies and gentlemen,

project Unfinished Business is finally available.

It took me to finish it 3 months and approximately 400 hours of rendering.

My biggest thanks goes to my friend S-Incubus who helped me

in making this comics possible.

Enjoy and thank you for your support :)


>>> You can find it at Affec3D and on Renderotica <<<






The infamous archaeologist and adventuress Laura Cruz’s professional database has been hacked and every clue points to a corporation called Nox Technologies. She pays the CEO and owner of the company Julia Nox a visit, demanding an explanation.


Nox, an arrogant and shady business woman, reveals that she wants to hire her to find the Scion Artifact, an ancient object about which is little known. Refusing the offer Laura finds herself trapped in Julia and her assistant Nina’s unorthodox business negotiations.


What you can find in this project?

89 high quality images

4 concept artworks



  • Is this project a comics ? Yes.
  • Is this threesome action, two futanari girls + girl ? Yes.
  • Is there dirty talk ? Yes.
  • Is there vaginal, anal sex ? Yes.
  • Is there double anal penetration ? Yes.
  • Is there a creampie ? Yes, two.
  • Is there an anal creampie ? Yes.
  • Is there Laura barefoot, showing her beautiful feet ? Yes.
  • Does this project contains some hidden secret ? Yes.
  • Is there deepthroat? Yes.
  • Does this project contains a futa on futa scene ? Yes.
  • Is there a cum force-feeding ? Yes.
  • Does this project contains footworship, toe-sucking and footjob ? Yes.
  • Does this project contains some information about new upcoming project ? Yes ;)
  • So is there Laura barefoot, showing her lovely feet ? Yes ;)