The main question was “How damn?” D:

The biggest technical challenge I encountered so far.

Making “alive” the head model took me nearly two weeks,

mostly due “uh that’s bad, that doesn’t work, scratch, start again” problems, but after hours and hours of tremendous work… she is here :)


Below you can find one behind-the-scene screenshot of Phase 1 – mesh cleaning. Mostly manual and tedious work with shit-tons of clicking.

Why it was needed ? In later stages, when you want to sculpt/morph your model and you have triangles,

then they will produce ugly visual artifacts and other limitations e.g. loop selections…

So always keep you geo nice and with clean topology (sort of… there are workflows where you don’t need to focus on topology so much…).

In short, rest of phases were texturing, UV editing, customizing rig, weight map editing, hair modeling and fine tuning + optimizing… ufff.


Hope you like new works and till next time :)

Have a great week !