Let’s start with bad news.


I’m sorry, as I promised there should be small picture set with Halloween theme, but my plans were

changed in the middle of the week, due problems with my OS. I knew, that making backups of backups

will be worth one day, and luckily this time it saved my ass. If I should reinstall my Windows and

configure whole environment, I would be definitely still messing with that… eww.


And now good news.


Miss Croft vs two Mr. Pumpkins should be finished in next few days, so keep an eye on this post ;)

Pictures will be uploaded here in this post, later you can find it in download section too.

Meanwhile enjoy another UltraHighRes picture where Lara is dressed in her Halloween outfit :)

>>> EDIT: It will be released within new post. <<<


( if you are curious where her tail is plugged…  yes there ;) )


Have a great weekend !